Heliconidae and Ithomidae

The heliconids are a large group of Central and Southern American Nymphalidae species. The species exhibit strong warning colours to show their toxicity. The one member of the Ithomidae family on this page is Greta oto and is one of about 400 clearwing species worldwide.

phaetup.jpg (16506 bytes) juliaup.jpg (25524 bytes) blue_erato.jpg (17079 bytes)
Dryadula phaetusa - Banded Orange Dryas julia - Flambeau Heliconius erato - Small postman
blueheli.jpg (17588 bytes) athisup.jpg (36269 bytes) hel_unknown1_un.jpg (20525 bytes)
Heliconius sara -  Heliconius athis - Athis longwing Heliconius hecale - Tiger longwing
melpomeme.jpg (27385 bytes) oto.jpg (23328 bytes) numataun.jpg (16428 bytes)
Heliconius melpomeme - Postman Greta oto - Glasswing Heliconius numata - Numata longwing
hel_unknown4_un.jpg (21079 bytes)
Unsure species (3 pictures)


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