Various Files

Slide shows

1. Slide show of the pupation of the Comma, Polygonia c-album (176K zipped).

2. Slide show of a girdle pupation , Pieris cheiranthi (135K zipped)

2. Slide show of the hatching of the Comma, Polygonia c-album (159K zipped).

Scientific name dictionaries.

These are basically just text files containing lists of all scientific names of species in these regions, and a few of the more common subspecies. They are saved as .dic files because that's what MS Word uses. I don't know how other wordprocessors work, but it seems likely that these files could be adapted to suit them.

To install just put the files(s) in the directory where custom dictionaries live (In win95 with Word 7 and also in Win98 with Word 97) it seems to be ; Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Proof). Afterwards run Word and pull down Tools, options and select Spelling. Now click on the custom dictionaries button and Add the new dictionaries. Make sure the tick box is ticked if you wish to use the new dictionary.

There are three files;

1 The European scientific names dictionary.

2 The US scientific name dictionary.

3 A .zip file containing both of the above.

Please select which you want, all three files are less than 10K each.

I would like to extend the range of these files, I basically need a checklist of species for an area so that I can convert it to a dictionary. Anyone have a checklist of UK / European moths ?

Any problems email me and I'll try to help, also any spelling mistakes within the files please let me know and I'll update them.



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