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Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera

The most complete guide to the world's lepidoptera can be found at;

Lepidoptera from Markku Savela

European Butterfly links

  • Atropos (UK migrant lepidoptera and odonata)
  • Amateur Entomologists' Society Homepage
  • Anything but common
  • Ariege (French Pyrenees) butterfly news - updated weekly
  • Auvergne (Central France) Butterflies
  • Belgian Migrating Lepidoptera
  • British Butterflies - A Photographic Guide
  • Butterflies of Bulgaria
  • Butterflies in Poland
  • Butterflies of Catalonia
  • Butterflies, On the Wings of Freedom
  • Butterflies Red Lists
  • Butterflies and Moths
  • Butterflies and Moths in the Netherlands
    Butterfly plants
  • Butterflies starting page
  • Cheshire Moths
  • Cirencester garden butterflies
  • Cyprus butterflies
  • Danish - Kaj Dahl
  • Derbyshire Butterflies
  • Die Schmetterlinge der Schweiz (Swiss butterflies, in German)
  • Finnish Lepidoptera
  • German and Austrian Butterflies
  • Guy Padfield's European Butterfly Page
  • Hungarian Butterflies and Moths
  • Iberian Butterfly tours
  • Idea Schmetterlings-Paradies
  • Insect Line
  • Irish Butterflies
  • Matts European butterfly site
  • Milton Keynes Butterflies
  • Moths and Butterflies of Europe - P.Mazzei & D.Reggianti
  • Mt. Calanda Butterflies and Moths (Switzerland)
  • Norway butterflies
  • Papillons de Wallonie
  • Online Guide to the Butterflies of Scotland
  • Polish Entomological Society
  • Portugal Butterflies
  • Rare Belgian Butterflies
  • Raupenfotos von Nafoku
  • Schmetterlinge | Lepidoptera Textliste mit Fotolinks von Nafoku
  • Serbia Butterflies
  • Scientific names for Europe
  • Slovakia Butterflies
  • Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica
  • UK Butterfly Conservation
  • UK Moths
  • West Midlands Moth(ers) Group
  • Wild Spain - A couple of good articles
  • UK Butterfly Conservation Local Branches

    Other Butterfly links

    Butterfly Farms (UK) and Breeding

    In addition to websites there are a number of very useful lists and newsgroups which are invaluable to the internet entomologist.

    Other Nature Links

  • Arcachnology
  • Be nice to Nettles
  • Bird Guides Online
  • British Dragonfly Society
  • Classey Books - The best source of natural history literature
  • Dean Birders (Disabled Forest of Dean birders)
  • El Mundo de Los Insectos
  • Environmental News Network Homepage
  • Iberian Nature
  • National Academy Press
  • Natural History Book Service - Home Page
  • Natural History Museum
  • Nature
  • National Geographic
  • nature forum
  • Photo search image library
  • Portland Bird Observatory and Field Centre
  • Power Analysis of Monitoring Programs
  • Quoditch Moor Nature reserve, Devon
  • Shetland Wildlife - news & information on Shetlands wildlife
  • Spiders of North-West Europe
  • Wild Spain

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