Some Moths caught at 125MV trap during first week of August, in Trenta, Slovenia (600m altitude) in Pine forest in valley surrounded by high mountains.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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1 A beauty, not Mottled 2 A beauty, not Mottled 3 secundaria? f. nigrata Or Small Engrailed? 4 And another, this could be Mottled? sp repandata? 5 Like a Scotch Annulet, but lines are dark not light? A beaty 6 Beauty with white patch, but not Brindled white-spot?, much like far left? 7 not same specimen as below.
8 Common white wave? C. pusaria 9 A Wave, smoky? S. ternata 10 Same as Left? 11 A Riband, with faint third band? 12 Common white wave? C. pusaria 13 .A Mocha, Cyclophora linearia? 14 Not August thorn? Maybe a non UK species? Lerault doesn't do Geometridae in vol1..
15 Red Twin spot carpet 16 Another Carpet? Small A&S? E. tristata 17 A bit like Entephria flavicinctata, but not yellow! 18 A pale carpet species? Or a worn specimen? 19 20No idea. Pretty though. - Idia calvaria  
21 Footman1 22 Footman2 23 Male 4 spotted? 24 A green coloured carpet, doesn't quite fit red-green, or green carpets. 25 26 Like treble bar, but. 27 Another beautiful carpet
28 Tissue? C. dubitata 29 Scarce silver Y Syngrapha interrogationis 30 Lewes Wave 31 Black Arches 32    
  33 Dark Spectacle? 34 Coxcomb prominent        
35 Clay 35 Noctuid, dunno Coronet? 36 Campion 37 Scarce Blackneck 38 Minor Shoulder-knot    


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