'Repaired' Dingy skipper - Erynnis tages

dsba.jpg (42124 bytes) For this particular image I've done the usual colour balance and sharpen to begin with, the top was definitely a little washed out.

I've then attempted to patch two nicks in the wing. By 'lassooing' a similar region on the opposite wing a patch can be made. Then the patch needs to be flipped and rotated slightly so that it is in line with the missing section. As this is all done in a separate layer you can still see underneath the original layer which enables the piece to be put perfectly in place.

By using some of the extra options for the layer, Add, Darken etc. all of the original image is kept and only where there are bits missing is the 'patch' used.

I think this has made a very good job of repairing the image, although I have to say the original had a certain amount of character!



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