Canary Island Butterflies


Situated off the north west coast of Africa the Canary Islands boasts a small but interesting butterfly fauna. There are a number of species closely related to those in Europe which have changed into new forms. They also have the advantage of having butterflies all year round, due to the very pleasant climate. I have visited Tenerife and their is some information about my trip through the Tenerife link. For the other islands there is a printable checklist, with some idea of the species status on the island. This information is not written in stone, any different sightings would be most interesting.

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La Palma


La Gomera






Gran Canaria

In the Tenerife pages there is some information on some of the endemic species of the islands, please click on the link to read more.

A number of wildlife books, including one on the Butterflies of the Canaries can be found here.

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