Almería Sightings


This is a group of eight provinces in the South of Spain, see below for details. I have visited Andalucía a couple of times at Easter over the last few years, mainly in the provinces of Malaga, Granada and Almería. There is a large range of Butterfly species in this region of Spain due to the wide range of habitat and climatic conditions. There are mountainous areas across the region climbing to 3400m in the Sierra Nevada (Granada province). There are also areas which are practically desert which attract a range of chiefly North African specie


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The easternmost province of Andalucía. I only visited briefly, staying in San Jose near the Cabo de Gata. It was refreshing to walk unspoilt coastline in southern Spain I must say. Notable sightings included what seemed to be an influx of Lang's short-tailed blue, Leptotes pirithous, presumably from North Africa together with Sage skipper, Muschampia proto.

Lang's short-tailed blue - Leptotes pirithous (23K & 34K) Red underwing skipper - Spialia sertorius (32K & 40K)

Cabo de Gata

Species: Scientific: First sighting: Last sighting:
Large white Pieris brassicae 14-Apr 14-Apr
Small white Artogeia rapae 14-Apr 14-Apr
Bath white Pontia daplidice 14-Apr 14-Apr
Clouded yellow Colias crocea 14-Apr 14-Apr
Small copper Lycaena phlaeas 14-Apr 14-Apr
Lang's short-tailed blue Leptotes pirithous 14-Apr 14-Apr
Painted lady Vanessa cardui 14-Apr 14-Apr
Spanish marbled white Melanargia ines 14-Apr 14-Apr
Spanish gatekeeper Pyronia bathseba 14-Apr 14-Apr
Sage skipper Muschampia proto 14-Apr 14-Apr
Mallow skipper Carcharodus alcae 14-Apr 14-Apr
Lulworth skipper Thymelicus acteon 14-Apr 14-Apr


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