Cadiz Sightings

The beautiful Sierra de Grazalema slopes down to a little town called El Bosque, popular with Hangliders, but nice for butterflies also. The Speckled wood, Pararge aegeria is a novelty for northern lepidopterists, with its orange colouration it can be quite confusing. Green hairstreak, Callophrys rubi was common here also. (Species list)

Speckled wood - Pararge aegeria (38K)

El Bosque

Species: Scientific: First sighting: Last sighting:
Spanish festoon Zerynthia rumina 07-Apr 07-Apr
Large white Pieris brassicae 07-Apr 07-Apr
Dappled white Euchloe crameri 08-Apr 08-Apr
Orange tip Anthocharis cardamines 07-Apr 07-Apr
Moroccan orange tip Anthocharis belia 07-Apr 07-Apr
Clouded yellow Colias crocea 07-Apr 07-Apr
Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni 07-Apr 07-Apr
Cleopatra Gonepteryx cleopatra 07-Apr 07-Apr
Wood white Leptidea sinapis 07-Apr 07-Apr
Green hairstreak Callophrys rubi 07-Apr 07-Apr
Holly blue Celastrina argiolus 07-Apr 07-Apr
Red admiral Vanessa atalanta 07-Apr 07-Apr
Painted lady Vanessa cardui 08-Apr 08-Apr
Small heath Coenonympha pamphilus 08-Apr 08-Apr
Speckled wood Pararge aegeria 08-Apr 08-Apr
Wall Lasiommata megera 07-Apr 07-Apr

Sierra de Grazelma

From 'Wild Spain'

The butterflies (75 species) are also of interest, with the 1,103m Puerto del Boyar (on the A-372) a prime locality.  Notable records for the park include mallow, southern marbled, sage and safflower skippers, both swallowtails, Spanish festoon, black-veined white, large tortoiseshell (often on the wing from February onwards), cardinal, many fritillaries - Niobe, Queen of Spain, Provençal, knapweed, Aetherie, Spanish and marsh - two-tailed pasha, dusky heath, dusky meadow brown, Spanish and southern gatekeepers, rock, tree and striped graylings, nettle-tree butterfly, Spanish purple, blue-spot and Provence hairstreaks, purple-shot copper (subspecies boyarensis), long-tailed, African grass, Osiris, Lorquin’s, green-underside, Iolas, Panoptes, false Baton and Spanish chalk-hill blues.

Sierra de las Nieves: (parque natural; 20,172ha and Biosphere Reserve; 93,930ha) karst landscape (maximum Torrecilla; 1,919m) to the east of Ronda with extensive Spanish fir forests on higher north-facing slopes and abundant Spanish Lorquin’s and green-underside blues, Spanish fritillary and western marbled white among the butterflies.


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