This is a group of eight provinces in the South of Spain, see below for details. I have visited Andalucía a couple of times at Easter over the last few years, mainly in the provinces of Malaga, Granada and Almería. There is a large range of Butterfly species in this region of Spain due to the wide range of habitat and climatic conditions. There are mountainous areas across the region climbing to 3400m in the Sierra Nevada (Granada province). There are also areas which are practically desert which attract a range of chiefly North African species. Due to the similarity of species in southern Portugal (The Algarve) and southern Spain I've combined the two sections into one.

Chapman's green hairstreak - Callophrys avis (49K) Black-eyed blue - Glaucopsyche melanops (25K & 33K & 36K)

The coastline of Malaga province is one of the most (over) developed places in Europe. However there are places to escape to, some of which are not far away. Inland from Estepona we found Manilva gorge with Chapman's green hairstreak, Callophrys avis,  and Cleopatra, Gonepteryx cleopatra. Reasonably extensive nearby woodland was home to Provence hairstreak, Tomares ballus, Black-eyed blue, Glaucopsyche melanops and Morocco orange tip, Anthocharis belia. Several places, including Nerja and Rincon de la Victoria had Geranium bronze, Cacyreus marshalli flying near the Geraniums on the coastal. strip. (Species list)

Morocco orange tip - Anthocharis belia (61K) Geranium bronze - Cacyreus marshalli (32K & 32K)

Malaga Sightings


Species: Scientific: First sighting: Last sighting:
Spanish festoon Zerynthia rumina 03-Apr 03-Apr
Large white Pieris brassicae 03-Apr 03-Apr
Small white Artogeia rapae 03-Apr 03-Apr
Moroccan orange tip Anthocharis belia 03-Apr 03-Apr
Clouded yellow Colias crocea 03-Apr 03-Apr
Cleopatra Gonepteryx cleopatra 04-Apr 04-Apr
Wood white Leptidea sinapis 11-Apr 11-Apr
Green hairstreak Callophrys rubi 03-Apr 03-Apr
Chapman's green hairstreak Callophrys avis 04-Apr 04-Apr
Provence hairstreak Tomares ballus 03-Apr 03-Apr
Black-eyed blue Glaucopsyche melanops 03-Apr 03-Apr
Common blue Polyommatus icarus 04-Apr 04-Apr
Red admiral Vanessa atalanta 04-Apr 04-Apr
Painted lady Vanessa cardui 11-Apr 11-Apr
Speckled wood Pararge aegeria 04-Apr 04-Apr
Wall Lasiommata megera 03-Apr 03-Apr


Species: Scientific: First sighting: Last sighting:
Swallowtail Papilio machaon 05-Apr 05-Apr
Southern scarce swallowtail Iphiclides feisthamelii 05-Apr 05-Apr
Spanish festoon Zerynthia rumina 05-Apr 05-Apr
Large white Pieris brassicae 05-Apr 05-Apr
Small white Artogeia rapae 05-Apr 05-Apr
Moroccan orange tip Anthocharis belia 05-Apr 05-Apr
Clouded yellow Colias crocea 05-Apr 05-Apr
Green hairstreak Callophrys rubi 05-Apr 05-Apr
Small copper Lycaena phlaeas 05-Apr 05-Apr
Long-tailed blue Lampides boeticus 05-Apr 05-Apr
African grass blue Zizeeria knysna 05-Apr 05-Apr
Holly blue Celastrina argiolus 05-Apr 05-Apr
Red admiral Vanessa atalanta 05-Apr 05-Apr
Painted lady Vanessa cardui 05-Apr 05-Apr
Spanish gatekeeper Pyronia bathseba 05-Apr 05-Apr
Speckled wood Pararge aegeria 05-Apr 05-Apr
Wall Lasiommata megera 05-Apr 05-Apr


Species: Scientific: First sighting: Last sighting:
Large white Pieris brassicae 01-Apr 01-Apr
Small white Artogeia rapae 01-Apr 01-Apr
Clouded yellow Colias crocea 13-Apr 13-Apr
Small copper Lycaena phlaeas 13-Apr 13-Apr


Species: Scientific: First sighting: Last sighting:
Large white Pieris brassicae 04-Apr 04-Apr
Small white Artogeia rapae 04-Apr 04-Apr
Geranium bronze Cacyreus marshalli 04-Apr 04-Apr
Speckled wood Pararge aegeria 04-Apr 04-Apr


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