Turkish Delights

During 10 - 20 April 1995 I stayed in a village called Turunc about an hour over the mountains from the grotty town of Marmaris. The weather was rather mixed at that time of year but nevertheless some delightful butterflies were on the wing.


Around the village itself was a mixture of fields and houses and some less developed areas leading into a gorge. At a nearby ford Tessellated skipper, Muschampia tessellum were flying every day in ones and twos. A grassy track through rough pasture at the back of the village yielded daily 'Turkish' meadow brown, Maniola telmessia, Berger's clouded yellow, Colias alfacariensis, Mallow skipper, Carcharodus alceae and Painted lady, Vanessa cardui.

Tessellated skipper - Muschampia tessellum (24K) Mallow skipper - Carcharodus alceae

Berger's clouded yellow - Colias alfacariensis 'Turkish' meadow brown - Maniola telmessia (32K) Painted lady - Vanessa cardui


False apollo - Archon apollinus (37K) Eastern festoon - Zerynthia cerisy (52 K)

Two of the particular highlights of the local area were Eastern festoon, Zerynthia cerisy and False apollo, Archon apollinus. They could both be found in the rough pastures in the area around Turunc. Also flying, but too fast was the Powdered brimstone Gonepteryx farinosa.


A little way to the west towards Datca was a beautiful region of conglomerate hills, they looked like they were made from dried mud. Along the roadside were literally hundreds of  Black-veined white, Aporia crataegi, the majority of them were mating, as seen in the picture. Below the hills was a lake, amongst scrubby vegetation along the edge was a single Lesser fiery copper, Lycaena thersamon. Which kindly posed for a picture

Black-veined white - Aporia crataegi (43K) Lesser fiery copper - Lycaena thersamon (61K)


A complete sighting list is available here, remember it was very early in the season. All sightings were nearby the village, except the hills mentioned above, as I had no transport for the majority of the stay.


All pictures in these pages copyright to Simon Coombes. Permission must be sought and obtained for any use.



All pictures in these pages copyright to Simon Coombes. Permission must be sought and obtained for any use.