United Kingdom Butterflies

There are 55 or so resident species of butterfly in the UK, while this is a small amount compared to most European countries the UK butterfly fauna contains a very good cross-section of European species. 

A range of material specific to the UK is available through this page, for more general Butterfly information follow the links in the contents section to the left.

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UK Contents

Widespread: Photos and information on relatively common species.

Rare: Photos and information on more local species.

Sites: An interactive guide to find good places to see wild butterflies (currently 244 sites).

Flight Times: A Calendar page which details what could be flying in a particular week.

Check list: A UK butterfly species list with tick boxes.

Regional Information: Possible destinations within Europe for seeing butterflies. Now including checklists for all European countries.

Life-Cycle: Detailing the remarkable change from egg through to adult.

Comments/Contact: Suggest changes and improvements to the site.

Index: An systematic list of the species in these pages.

Marsh fritillary




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