UK Butterfly Sites


Clouded yellow - Colias crocea Clouded yellow - Colias crocea White admiral - limenitis camilla (30K & 40K) White admiral - Limenitis camilla
Brown argus - Aricia agestis (36K) Brown argus - Aricia agestis Scotch argus - Erebia aethiops (67K) Scotch argus - Erebia aethiops
Small white - Artogeia rapae (27K) Small white - Artogeia rapae Brown hairstreak - Thecla betulae Brown hairstreak - Thecla betulae


UK Butterfly Site Guide.

Red dots indicate sites.  Clicking on a red dot gives information about the site and links to an OS map, website and contact email where available.

The Species search enables sites with specific species to be highlighted. Only key species are currently entered for each site.

You can zoom in and out and re-centre using the controls. Click and drag enables the map to be moved up and down and side to side.

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Grizzled skipper - Pyrgus malvae (28K) Grizzled skipper - Pyrgus malvae Duke of burgundy - Hamearis lucina (50K & 44K) Duke of burgundy - Hamearis lucina
Essex skipper - Thymelicus lineola (27K & 30K) Essex skipper - Thymelicus lineola Small tortoiseshell - Aglais urticae (68K) Small tortoiseshell - Aglais urticae
Holly blue - Celastrina argiolus (56K) Holly blue - Celastrina argiolus Large skipper - Ochlodes venatus (63K & 73K) Large skipper - Ochlodes venatus


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