Nymphalidae - Apatura, Thaleropis & Limenitis


Purple sheen characteristic

Found in  much of Europe


Not pictured

As A. iris with orange ringed spot on forewing.

Found in  much of Europe

Not pictured

Smaller than iris and suffused orange.

Eastern Europe.

Not pictured


Apatura iris

Purple Emperor 

Apatura ilia

Lesser Purple Emperor

Apatura metis

Freyer's Purple Emperor

Thaleropis ionia
Not pictured

Large, like camilla, with orange submarginal bands.

Most of central to eastern Europe.

White spot in cell.

Single row of postdiscal spots.

Most Europe, except far south

Lacking cell spot.

Double row of postdiscal black spots.

Mainly southern Europe

Limenitis populi

Poplar Admiral

Limenitis reducta

Southern White Admiral

Limenitis camilla

White Admiral





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