Fritillaries - Argynnis

There are 7 species here, only five pictured. The top three are distinct from the bottom four in their underside patterns and general wing shape. Clicking on the butterflies image will take you to specific information, including flight time, distribution, altitude, habitat, life-cycle and foodplant.

Upperside suffused green

Rosy-red patch on forewing

Female above, male is more orange and has sex brands on forewing

As pandora without rosy patch

Not pictured

Similar to paphia, but smaller. Female has upperside forewing with an apical white spot. Male with much less distinct sex brands.

Eastern Europe.

Argynnis pandora


Argynnis paphia

Silver-washed Fritillary

Argynnis laodice

Pallas's Fritillary

Convex forewings

Underside hindwing lacking postdiscal brown spots

Concave forewings

Brown ringed, silver-centred postdiscal spots

Postdiscal silver band more continuous than adippe. Generally greenish towards base.

Small yellow spot near base of hindwing.

Not pictured

Similar to niobe

Only found on Corsica/Sardinia,

where niobe, adippe not known.

Argynnis aglaja

Dark Green Fritillary

Argynnis adippe

High Brown Fritillary

Argynnis niobe

Niobe Fritillary

Argynnis elisa

Corsican Fritillary





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