Identification - Blues

Having narrowed the options down a little there are now just 89 species to choose from! The species are now split down to genus level, the first part of a butterflies latin name. On this page the idea is to pick the right genus, and then click for species identification. 

Lycaenidae - Blues 

Everes, Cupido & Celastrina

8 Species

Holly blue Short-tailed blue Small blue
Glaucopsyche, Maculinea etc

10 Species

Black-eyed blue Mountain alcon blue
  Lampides, Tarucus, Azanus.

10 species

Long-tailed blue Little tiger blue  
Pseudophilotes, Scolitantides, Chilades

8 species

Baton blue    
Aricia, Agriades, Cyaniris      
Lysandra, Polyommatus      






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