Escher's blue - Agrodiaetus escheri


Family: Lycaenidae.

Flight Time: May-August.

Size: 34-40mm

Altitude: 500-2000m


This picture shows a little of the male upperside, which has white dusting along the forewing and along some of the veins.

The absent of a second spot in cell separates this butterfly from the Common blue, additionally the blue upperside has a narrow black band. Escher's blue is one of a large family of Lycaenid butterflies which thrive on foothills and mountains of Europe. Although this particular one is quite widespread the ranges of this genus tend to be very limited. Sometimes only occurring on one or two particular mountains.

The female pictured here has very prominent markings which distinguish it from a whole host of otherwise similar species.

Female underside

Another view. This time a male underside. The spots along the hindwing outer margin tend to be rounder than the similar Chapman's blue.

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Milk vetch (Astralgus)

Flowery, rocky areas.

Escher's blue distribution


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