Glandon blue - Agriades glandon


Family: Lycaenidae

Flight Time: July - August

Size: 20 - 30mm

Altitude: 1800 - 2700m

Glandon blues only fly at high altitude amongst sparse vegetation. These pictures were taken in Valais, Switzerland, where there were a few above Eison and a slightly larger colony at the Cold de Sanetsch. The male below left has a bluer tinge than the all brown female, below right. Quite a hairy species, which I guess helps with insulation during cold nights high in the mountains.

Different subspecies are found in the Pyrenees and also in the Sierra Nevada, Spain. Possible confusion in the Pyrenees with A. pyrenaicus, the Gavarnie blue.

Male upperside.

Female upperside.


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Androsace species Sparsely vegetated grassland

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