Amanda's blue - Agrodiaetus amanda


Family: Lycaenidae

Flight Time: May - July

Size: 32-38mm

Altitude: 100-2000m

Female underside. There are a large number of different 'blues' in Europe which can seem somewhat daunting in terms of identification. However when you watch them for a while you start to recognise a few, then a few more and after a time you can pick out most of them. This makes it easy to then spot a species which is a little different to the others. This was the case with Amanda's blue. The male was a bright blue colour, but without the chequered fringes of an Adonis, this is what first made me look at them closely.


Top picture Mark Ogden in the Dolomites.

Left is a pair in copula pictured by Mark Ogden in Bulgaria.

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Vicia species Light woodland.

Amanda's blue distribution.


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