Fritillaries - Clossiana

A genus of quite similar species, the majority of which inhabit the far north of Europe, some overlap into North America and Canada as well. A number of pictures missing, perhaps a trip to northern Norway is needed!

Not pictured

Underside hindwing has row of yellow centered black lined spots.

Triangular submarginal marks distinct from margin

Single large silver spot in cell.

Submarginal marks join margin.

No prominent silver spot, black lined veins more distinct.

Generally large, bright marbled underwing colours. Gently curved hindwing (at v8)

Proclossiana eunomia

Bog Fritillary

Clossiana euphrosyne

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Clossiana selene

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Clossiana titania

Titania's Fritillary

Not pictured

Limited to far north of Scandinavia

Similar to dia (not present in Scandinavia)

Not pictured

Limited to northern Scandinavia

Underside hindwing black discal zigzag line.

Similar to titania f. cypris, smaller with more angled hindwing (at v8 marked)


White discal and marginal spots on hindwing

Not pictured

Limited to far north of Scandinavia

Silver postdiscal marks on the underside hindwing.

Clossiana chariclea

Arctic Fritillary

Clossiana freija

Frejya's Fritillary

Clossiana dia

Weaver's Fritillary

Clossiana polaris

Polar Fritillary

Not pictured

Limited to Scandinavia and the Alps

Heavily marked upperside.

Not pictured

Limited to Scandinavia

Not pictured

Limited to far north of Scandinavia

Small sized, obscure markings.

Clossiana thore

Thor's Fritillary

Clossiana frigga

Frigga's Fritillary

Clossiana improba

Dusky-winged Fritillary




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