Whites - Colias

A fast flying, often migratory genus which always settles with its wings closed. As some of the identification features are on the upperside a net might may be useful.

High mountains, pale colouration.

Not pictured.

Like phicomone, but smaller and less marked.

Northern Scandinavia only.

Not pictured

Bright yellow with unbroken black borders.

Eastern half of Europe, and north.

Not pictured

Like crocea, smaller with black border crossed by yellow veins and greenish costal colouration.

Austria and east.

Colias phicomone

Mountain Clouded Yellow

Colias nastes

Pale Arctic Clouded Yellow

Colias palaeno

Moorland Clouded Yellow

Colias chrysotheme

Lesser Clouded Yellow

Not pictured

Very dark orange, purplish sheen to upperside.


Not pictured

Upperside dark orange, continuous black borders, small forewing spot.

Eastern Europe

Not pictured

Orange yellow, black band crossed by veins. Small white centered black mark in cell of forewing.

Northern Scandinavia

Male (above) yellow, female (below) pale. No black border on upperside hindwing.

Colias aurorina

Greek Clouded Yellow

Colias myrmidons

Danube Clouded Yellow

Colias hecla

Northern Clouded Yellow

Colias hyale

Pale Clouded Yellow

The most widespread Colias species, dark yellow uppers with a continuous heavy black border. The form helice below occurs regularly and is similar to female hyale and alfacariensis.

Not pictured.

Upperside dark orange, continuous black borders, small forewing spot.

Local in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia only.

Like hyale, female pale, generally brighter lemon yellow colour. Caterpillars distinctive!

Not pictured

Like hyale with better defined hindwing black margin.

Colias crocea

Clouded Yellow

Colias caucasica

Balkan Clouded Yellow

Colias alfacariensis

Berger's Clouded Yellow

Colias erate

Eastern Pale Clouded Yellow




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