Fritillaries - Hypodryas, Euphydryas

Included amongst these six species are the only fritillaries which really deviate from the usual orange base colour.

Not pictured


Not pictured

Alps, similar to maturna

Male upperside

Male underside

Not pictured

Northern Scandinavia

Hypodryas maturna

Scarce Fritillary

Hypodryas intermedia

Asian Fritillary

Hypodryas cynthia

Cynthia's Fritillary

Hypodryas iduna

Lapland Fritillary

Quite a variable species, widespread but becoming scarce.

Small form debilis found in the high Alps

Not pictured

Spain and Portugal. As aurinia with 'bulge' in outer margin near v6. Underside forewing with strong black markings.

Euphydryas aurinia

Marsh Fritillary

Euphydryas desfontainii

Spanish Fritillary





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