Lycaenidae - Everes, Cupido & Celastrina

Eight species here including the widespread Short-tailed blue and Holly blue. Generally small butterflies.

  Orange spot in corner.

No spot in cell on upperwing

  Not pictured. As E. alcetas with black mark in cell. Eastern Europe distribution  

No spot in cell on upperwing

Everes argiades

Short-tailed Blue

Everes decoloratus

Eastern Short-tailed Blue

Everes alcetas

Provençal Short-tailed Blue


Male all black, female with dusting of blue scales

Not pictured.

Very local in southern Spain. As C. Minimus with purple scales.

Not pictured

As Lorquin's blue. Upperside black border very narrow.


Wide black border. Southern Spain distribution

Cupido minimus

Little Blue

Cupido carswelli

Carswell's Little Blue

Cupido osiris

Osiris Blue

Cupido lorquinii

Lorquin's Blue

Widespread. Larger than rest of page. Often Holly or Ivy.

Celastrina argiolus

Holly Blue






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