Silver washed fritillary - Argynnis paphia

Female upperside.

Family: Nymphalidae

Flight Time: June - August

Size: 54-70mm

Altitude: 0-1500m

Notes: A widespread fritillary preferring a forest environment. Like many other similar species its caterpillars eat Violets. The Silver washed fritillary lays its eggs on a nearby tree, and the caterpillars make their way to the foodplant when they hatch next Spring.

Pictured above is a female, whilst the male (below right) has more curved wings, is brighter orange and has dark bands across its forewings, actually scent marks.

Underside Male upperside
The form Valezina is pictured to the left which is a reasonably common variation.

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Viola species

Violet - Viola spp.

Woodland clearings

Silver washed fritillary distribution.

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