Grison's fritillary - Mellicta varia

Male upperside  

Family: Nymphalidae

Flight Time: June - August

Size: 30 -38mm

Altitude: 1500 - 2500m

Grison's fritillary is a high altitude species and so shares some of the usual attributes of Butterflies which live in mountain ranges. It is a small Butterfly, I think that makes the marking all the more delicate. Also there are frequently occurring dark forms particularly in the female, which is a side effect of the pupa being kept very cold over the winter.

Nickerl's fritillary, Mellicta aurelia is quite similar, but tends to have more complete markings in the male. The Meadow fritillary, Mellicta parthenoides is also superficially similar.

Female upperside.



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Plantago Flowery slopes / hollows

Grison's fritillary distribution.


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