Cynthia's fritillary - Hypodryas cynthia

Male upperside.  

Family: Nymphalidae

Flight Time: June - August

Size: 32 - 42mm

Altitude: 900 - 3000m

A glorious Butterfly. The male is quite unique in it's silvery markings, while the female right, is somewhat dowdier. They generally occur at high altitudes, up towards the snow-line. Due to the severity of the conditions they take two years to complete their life-cycle, which results in good years and bad years in terms of numbers of adults flying. In Switzerland 1999 it was supposed to be a bad year, not too bad though! Female upperside.
Male underside.

Male underside.


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Plantago alpina, Viola calcarata Open slopes

Cynthia's fritillary distribution.


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