Identification - Fritillaries

Having narrowed the options down a little there are now just 47 species to choose from! The species are now split down to genus level, the first part of a butterflies latin name. On this page the idea is to pick the right genus, and then click for species identification. 

Nymphalidae - Fritillaries 

Argynnis (7 species)

Generally of relatively large size, orange with black spots and bars, fast powerful flight.

Dark green fritillary Silver washed fritillary  
Issoria, Brenthis & Boloria (8 species)

Pictured in order. Issoria with unique silver markings, Brenthis with rounded wings. Boloria small sized with squared hindwing corners.

Queen of Spain fritillary Marbled fritillary Shepherd's fritillary
Clossiana (11 species)

Small fritillaries with rounded hindwing corners. A large number of arctic species together with three widespread European fritillaries.

Weaver's fritillary Pearl-bordered fritillary
Melitaea (8 species)

Orange with patterns of bars and spots. Three widespread European species.

Spotted fritillary Knapweed fritillary  
Mellicta (7 species)

Dark orange with patterns of bars.

Heath fritillary    
Hypodryas, Euphydryas (6 species)

Patterns of black spots and bars with a variety of background colours including the two pictured right.

Marsh fritillary Cynthia's fritillary  




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