Identification - Lycaenidae

Having narrowed the options down a little there are now just 15 species of hairstreak to choose from! All the species are represented on this page, just choose the that best fits using the pictures and details provided. 


Lycaenidae - Hairstreaks 

Widespread but elusive.

Found flying around Oak and Ash trees.


Not pictured

Continuous orange band on hindwing.

SE France, Spain and Portugal.

Not pictured

Like ilicis/esculi but paler

Widely distributed.

Thecla betulae

Brown Hairstreak

Quercusia quercus

Purple Hairstreak

Laeosopis roboris

Spanish Purple Hairstreak

Satyrium acaciae

Sloe Hairstreak

Like esculi but darker

Widely distributed.

Like ilicis but paler

Widely distributed.

Not pictured

Blue spot in anal angle

Found around Elm trees.

Satyrium ilicis

Ilex Hairstreak

Satyrium esculi

False Ilex Hairstreak

Satyrium spini

Blue-spot Hairstreak

Satyrium w-album

White-letter Hairstreak

Like w-album but orange band contains black spots.

Not pictured

Dark with rows of black spots.

Only found on a few Greek Isles

Together with avis only green European species, white area around eyes and frons.


As rubi except area around eyes and frons red.

Southern France, Spain, Portugal

Satyrium pruni

Black Hairstreak

Satyrium ledereri

Orange-banded Hairstreak

Callophrys rubi

Green Hairstreak

Callophrys avis

Chapman's Green Hairstreak

Unique appearance

Southern France, Spain, Portugal

Not pictured

Several orange bands across hindwing.


Not pictured

More like a copper, orange with black spots

N. Africa.

Tomares ballus

Provence Hairstreak

Tomares nogelii

Nogel's Hairstreak

Tomares mauretanicus

Moroccan Hairstreak





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