Green hairstreak - Callophrys rubi

Green hairstreak underside.

Family: Lycaenidae

Flight Time: April - July

Size: 26-30mm

Altitude: 0-2300m



This is a Spring butterfly in the UK. It is univoltine (only one generation of adult butterflies per year) but records of fresh specimen span from the end of March right through till the end of July. This particular one was actually photographed in Spain, near El Bosque Andalucía. In Spain you may also come across the similar Chapman's green hairstreak Callophrys avis, with its more complete white band. The top side is very dark brown, which looks black when the butterfly is in flight. It always settles with its wings shut, to preserve its camouflage.

This is a digital image taken with a Canon EOS 20D using the 100mm f2.8 Macro lens, no flash handheld camera (1/125 f7.1).



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Callophrys avis

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