Lycaenidae - Maculinea, Glaucopsyche

The Glaucopsyche species are marked by their strong black spots on the underside forewing, they are generally spring species. The Maculinea species are larger than most blues and are generally rare. This is partly due to their intimate relations with Myrmica ants, in whose nests their larvae live.


 Narrow black borders.

Heavy spots on forewing. A greenish sheen next to the body of the underside hindwing.



Heavy spots on forewing. No green.


As other Glaucopsyche species. Only on Cyprus

Not pictured.

Only in isolated colonies on Greek mountains.

Glaucopsyche alexis

Green-underside Blue

Glaucopsyche melanops

Black-eyed Blue

Glaucopsyche paphos

Paphos Blue

Turanana endymion

Odd-spot Blue

  V. similar to m. rebeli. Upperside brighter blue.

Plain with inner and marginal spots.


Uppers blue with elongated back spots.


Not pictured

Uppers like M. arion. Underside like nausithous, with marginal spots.


Maculinea alcon

Alcon Blue

Maculinea rebeli

Mountain Alcon Blue

Maculinea arion

Large Blue

Maculinea tale

Scarce Large Blue

Not pictured.

One row of spots on underside. Uppers very dark.



Male bright blue.

Maculinea nausithous

Dusky Large Blue

Iolana iolas

Iolas Blue






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