Fritillaries - Mellicta

Widespread and very variable, with numerous named forms.

Male upperside

Similar to athalia, Female below showing 'dumb bell' shaped mark in S1b on forewing

Alps above 1500m

Male upperside

Female upperside


Not pictured

Mainly southern France and Spain.

Similar to varia, upperside forewing mark in S1b oblique.

Mellicta athalia

Heath Fritillary

Mellicta deione

Provençal Fritillary

Mellicta varia

Grison's Fritillary

Mellicta parthenoides

Meadow Fritillary

Not pictured

Similar to parthenoides, complete postdiscal line on upperside forewing.

Not pictured

Eastern Europe

Like aurelia, generally larger and darker.

Not pictured

Small, local in Alps above 2000m

Mellicta aurelia

Nickerl's Fritillary

Mellicta britomartis

Assmann's Fritillary

Mellicta asteria

Little Fritillary



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