Map - Araschnia levana


Family: Nymphalidae

Flight Time: May/June, July/Aug

Size: 32-38mm

Altitude: 0-1400m

Notes: An unusual species this one. It is the only species in Europe with strongly marked seasonal differences. The Spring (left) and Summer (top) broods are very different. This is a summer specimen which looks a little like a small version of a White admiral Limenitis camilla.

They were locally common at the high point of the Canal Ile-et-Rance, (Brittany, France) just before the Devil's staircase set of locks. The boat I was travelling on lost power at this point and drifted into the bank, where I leant over the bows and took the picture, not the best picture but memorable nonetheless.


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Nettle - Urtica

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Wood clearings.

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