Purple emperor - Apatura iris

Male upperside  

Family: Nymphalidae

Flight Time: June - August

Size: 62-74mm

Altitude: 50-1500m


Male underside  


A truly magnificent species, and not very easy to see. Early morning was the key here, this one was down on a path, and was particularly partial to the sweat on my foot, yummy!

Which at least meant I had plenty of time to get a nice underside shot !

The purple sheen on the topside only shows at certain angles, which was difficult to get with the camera, and impossible while on my foot, I think being double-jointed would have helped !

The lesser purple emperor Apatura ilia is the only other species with this profusion of purple, an additional orange spot on the forewing separates them though.


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Sallow - Salix caprea


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