Canary (Indian) red admiral - Vanessa (indica) vulcania



Family: Nymphalidae.

Flight Time: All year.

Size: 54-60mm

Altitude: 0-1500m

The Canary red admiral, Vanessa vulcania was thought to be a subspecies of the Indian red admiral, Vanessa indica. Recent studies have decided however that it is a separate species in its own right. (Leestman 1992, based on differences in wing pattern and shape and small differences in male genitalia).

The specimen pictured left was bred indoors, and pictures taken with a flash, resulting in rather gaudy, but very beautiful colours.


Canary red admiral larval tent The particular specimen above was photographed in the botanical gardens outside Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife. It was nectaring in the top of a tree just inside acceptable range for my 210mm lens. Unfortunately the gardener put a hose on the tree before I could get anymore shots.

The best shots were taken in the Anaga Laurel forest on Tenerife, probably, and were of course on the roll of film I lost !



In a similar way to its close relative Vanessa atalanta the 'normal' Red admiral, the larva hides within a closely knit nettle leaf tent.


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Vanessa atalanta

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Laurel forest



Early Stages


Canary red admiral ova Canary red admiral larva Canary red admiral pupa


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