Nymphalids - Neptis, Nymphalis, Aglais & Inachis


Not pictured

Black with several white bands

Not pictured

Black with one white band

Upperside is dark brown with a cream border.


Neptis sappho

Common Glider

Neptis rivularis

Hungarian Glider

Nymphalis antiopa

Camberwell Beauty

Inachis io

Peacock Butterfly

Widespread, not UK

 Not pictured

as polychloros with yellowish legs.

Eastern Europe.

 Not pictured

Upperside hindwing with white costal mark. A darker marked version of polychloros.

Eastern Europe.


Nymphalis polychloros

Large Tortoiseshell

Nymphalis xanthomelas

Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell

Nymphalis vau-album

False Comma

Aglais urticae

Small Tortoiseshell




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