Apollo - Parnassius apollo




Family: Papilionidae.

Flight Time: May-September.

Size: 70-85mm

Altitude: 500-2400m

I spent an hour one afternoon in the Pyrenées chasing one of these and it only settled once, and I missed the shot. The next day was overcast and was the final day of the trip. I turned a corner walking down a path off Mount Canigou and this beauty was sat on a thistle, it was too cold for it to move and its wings were only half open. Fortunately a bee landed next to it which caused it to take off, one flutter and to the floor was all it could manage, wings fully open with me grinning from ear to ear. I particularly like the two colour spots.

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Similar Species Foodplants Habitat Distribution

Parnassius phoebe

Stonecrop Sedum species

Mountains, rock slopes.

Apollo distribution


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