Whites - Pieris & Artogeia

Three of the most common species in Europe are in this group, likely to be seen almost anywhere.


Heavier markings than brassicae.

Canary Islands only.


Not pictured

Smaller than rapae, with concave spot in s3.

Southern and eastern Europe.

Pieris brassicae

Large white

Pieris cheiranthi

Canary Islands' Large White

Artogeia rapae

Small White

Artogeia mannii

Southern Small White

Not pictured

Like rapae, upf without black spot.

Southern and eastern Europe.


Not pictured

As napi

Bosnia & Greece only.

Heavily suffused with grey.

Mountains Alps and East.

Artogeia ergane

Mountain Small White

Artogeia napi

Green-veined White

Artogeia balcana

Balkan Green-veined White

Artogeia bryoniae

Mountain Green-veined White

Not pictured

unh green patch markings

Greece etc.

Artogeia krueperi

Krueper's Small White





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