Whites - Pontia & Euchloe

White butterflies with green mottled undersides and black markings on the uppersides.

Western Europe.

Widely distributed, and a strong migrant, inseparable from edusa left.

Eastern Europe

Not pictured

Smaller than daplidice with less markings.

Greece etc.

Male above, female below. Found on high mountains

Pontia edusa

Eastern Bath White

Pontia daplidice

Bath White

Pontia chloridice

Small Bath White

Pontia callidice

Peak White

Inseparable form ausonia

SW Europe

As ausonia but forewing spot reaches the edge.

Alps, Pyrenees, Cantabrian mts.

SE Europe.

Not pictured

Corsica & Sardinia

Euchloe crameri

Western Dappled White

Euchloe simplonia

Mountain Dappled White

Euchloe ausonia

Eastern Dappled White

Euchloe insularis

Corsican Dappled White

Not pictured

Underside plain green with a few mottled markings.

Southern Europe.

Not pictured

Black spot not white centred.

N. Africa

Green striped underside to hindwing.

Euchloe tagis

Portuguese Dappled White

Euchloe fallout

Scarce Green-striped White

Euchloe belemia

Green-striped White





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