Canary speckled wood - Pararge xiphioides



Family: Satyridae.

Flight Time: All year.


Altitude: 200-2000m


Quite widespread on Tenerife and the other main Canary islands. The upperside, left is taken of a captive specimen.

The main differences with the usual European Speckled wood, Pararge aegeria are;

1 Forewing is convex in xiphioides, concave in aegeria.

2 The underside of xiphioides has a much more prominent white streak, and its postdiscal white specks are more clearly defined.


The larvae feed on grass, and are well camouflaged to aid their survival. The early instar larva pictured right is very small and has two clearly projecting 'tails'.

When ready to pupate the larva hangs onto a lower frond of the plant, pupates, and then is easily dislodged and so ends up camouflaged brown against the dry earth and leaf litter below.


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Pararge aegeria

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Early Stages


  Canary speckled wood larva Canary speckled wood pupa


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