Rosy grizzled skipper - Pyrgus onopordi


Family: Hesperiidae.

Flight Time: April - October.

Size: 22-28mm

Altitude: 0-2000m

Underside Another of the Grizzled skippers, this one is just as testing to sort out from the others. I'll endeavor to give a little guidance.

Firstly it is quite easy to separate the Pyrgus species from the Muschampia species, as the latter has a row of submarginal spots on the upperside forewing and the former has not. This makes this one a Pyrgus (see Muschampia tessellum).

To then get the actual species the big white spots (anvil shaped) on the underside hindwing are unique to this species, it helps to have a big slide image to work from.



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Malva neglecta

Flowery meadows, streams.

Rosy grizzled skipper distribution


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