Lycaenidae - Tarucus, Lampides, Azanus etc.

10 Species. Generally distinguishable by their characteristic underside markings. Some very small but exquisitely marked species.

Fast flying with prominent white band on underside.


Mottled underside like L. boeticus, with no white band.

Usually near Geraniums. Unique appearance in Europe.


Lampides boeticus

Long-tailed Blue 

Leptotes pirithous

Lang's Short-tailed Blue

Cacyreus marshalli

Geranium Bronze

Canary Islands only. No other underside looks similar.

See right See right  

Zebra-like underside. Range helps separate from T. theophrastus and T. rosaceus

Cyclyrius webbianus

Canary Blue

Tarucus theophrastus

Common Tiger Blue

Tarucus rosaceus

Mediterranean Blue

Tarucus balkanicus

Little Tiger Blue

Small. North Africa only. Small. North Africa only.

Very small. Largely southern Europe

Azanus ubaldus

Desert Babul Blue

Azanus jesous

African Babul Blue

Zizeeria knysna

African Grass Blue






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