Identification - Whites

Having narrowed the options down a little there are now just 50 species to choose from! The species are now split down to genus level, the first part of a butterflies latin name. On this page the idea is to pick the right genus, and then click for species identification. 

Pieridae - Whites 

Pieris & Artogeia (9 species)

Medium to large sized. Mainly white, with some black markings. Some of Europe's most common species.

Small white Green-veined white  
Pontia & Euchloe (12 species)

Mainly white with a variable amount of black markings, often green mottled undersides to wings.

Bath white    
Anthocharis, Colotis & Zegris (6 species)

Medium sized. Orange tipped wings, mottled green undersides.

Orange tip  
Colias (12 species)

Medium sized. Pale yellow to orange butterflies. Often strong flying and migratory.

Clouded yellow    
Gonepteryx, Aporia & Catopsilia (6 species)

Yellow leaf shaped butterflies or black veined.

Brimstone Black-veined white  
 Leptidea & Elphinstonia (5 species)

Delicate white butterflies, and greenish black tips.

Wood white    




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