Pale clouded yellow - Colias hyale

Male underside  

Family: Pieridae.

Flight Time: May-October.

Size: 42-50mm

Altitude: 0-1800m


This picture was taken in woods near Axat in the Pyrenees in the Summer of 1996. Strange because there were lots of C. hyale but hardly and C. crocea which is often commoner. The females of this species are difficult to separate from the helice form of the Clouded yellow Colias crocea. The species as a whole is difficult to separate from Berger's clouded yellow, Colias alfacariensis.


Fact File

Similar Species Foodplants Habitat Distribution

Colias alfacariensis

Colias crocea

Medicago sativa lucerne, alfalfa

Dry, flowery places.

Pale clouded yellow distribution


Early Stages




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