Bath white - Pontia daplidice

Bath white


Family: Pieridae.

Flight Time: March-October.

Size: 42-48mm

Altitude: 0-2400m


A strong migrant species which can be found over a large part of western Europe, it occasionally reaches the shores of the UK and up into Belgium and Holland. It has a 'sister' species Pontia edusa which replaces it in the eastern half of the continent. The two species are inseparable without biochemical analysis, if I see one I will include it in the pages for completeness sake! The picture above was taken in Tenerife where it was probably the commonest white, outstripping even the Small white, Pieris rapae. This one was taken on the cliffs above Los Gigantes. I don't usually have a lot of success with photographing 'Whites' but this one came out OK, I guess there's quite a lot of colour on it though.


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Early Stages


Bath white egg. Bath white larva. Bath white pupa



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