Orange Tip - Anthocharis cardamines

Male upperside.

Family: Pieridae

Flight Time: April - May

Size: 38-48mm

Altitude: 0-2100m



Male underside.


The Orange tip is an early Spring Butterfly in the UK, a welcome end to winter. I took a number of shots of Orange tips in a quarry, in between doing some rock climbing on the quarry wall itself. There is a close relation the Morocco orange tip, Anthocharis belia, featured in the Andalucia section.

Sigma 80-210mm APO macro lens on Canon EOS 100, scanned to PhotoCD and trimmed in Photoshop 4. 



Fact File

Similar Species Foodplants Habitat Distribution
Anthocharis belia

Cruciferae, e.g. Tower mustard Arabis glabra, Lady's smock Cardamines pratensis.

Many, especially Hedgerows, Meadows

Orange tip distribution.

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Early Stages




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