Forest Habitat

Wooded areas are very important to butterflies. Some large coniferous forests can be very dark and little use for sun loving species. Forest rides and large tracks cut through woodland can be an excellent place to see many species.

Forest ride.

Pictured above is a typical forest ride. You may find skippers and browns along the banks, their foodplants will grow there. Some fritillaries love to patrol up and down these areas, settling occasionally to nectar on Bramble and other blossom. Whites like the Wood white Leptidea sinapis and the Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni are most happy in woodland. Some of the beautiful Nymphalidae are also forest dwellers, the White admiral Limenitis camilla and Purple emperor Apatura iris are good examples. Indeed the latter two species actually need the trees as their foodplant, the Purple emperor using Sallow and the White admiral using Honeysuckle.

This is a summary of the kind of species you may expect. In the UK particularly forests are one of the best places to see Butterflies, but only if they are managed in the right way.



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