Some Butterflies are happy in a wide range of different environments, these are usually the more common species. If you look through the species pages you will see diverse or various as a description of these species habitat preference.

Often though Butterflies are very specific in their habitat requirements. While this is partially due to their foodplant, which their larva feeds on, it often goes a good deal further. An example of this is the Adonis blue, Lysandra bellargus. Its caterpillar feeds on Horseshoe vetch, which is not particularly uncommon, but the butterfly is very localised in the UK. This is due to the fact that the plant must be growing in a very specific location, there must be very short grass, usually trimmed by rabbits, so that the ground temperature gets very high. However further south in Europe the Adonis blue is quite common, because the higher average temperatures means that this microclimate is not required.

Below are a few generic habitat types with a link to some further information regarding the species present.

Forest and woodland Heathland.
Forest and woodland. Heathland
Marsh and wetland. Sub-alpine meadow,
Marsh and wetland Sub-alpine meadow
High alpine meadow.
High alpine meadow




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